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International Students Enrollment
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Taishan Medical University welcomes qualified international students from all over the world.Our College of International Education provides you intensive education and you will explore happy life during your stay in Taishan City.

We have Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery(MBBS) ,Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS),Master of Clinical Medicine(MD/MS), Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA),Bachelor of Nursing( BN), Bachelor of Medical Imaging and Bachelor of Medical Imaging Technology programs for international students.We also welcome to set up joint venture programs in various majors with reputed universities of the world.

Medium of Instruction:

Chinese, English and Bilingual(Chinese and English both)

Duration of Courses:

MBBS: 6 Years including 1 year internship

BDS:5 years including 1 year internship

MD/MS:3 Years

Bachelor of Medical Imaging:5 years

Bachelor of Medical Imaging Technology: 4 years

Bachelor of Business Administration: 4 Years

Bachelor of Nursing:4years

For Admissions, eligibility criteria, curriculum and syllabus, international joint venture programs

Please contact:

International Medical Program Director

Dr.Dhruba Paudel (Gao Fei) MBBS,MD

008613176828867,18759268627 0086-538-6222836,


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