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HSK Internet-Based Test Can Be Applied in TSMU
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Good news! HSK internet-based test will be held from September in our university. Here I would like to make some brief introduction to increase your understanding about HSK internet-based test.

1. HSK Internet Based Test uses advanced computer equipment in our university at weekend.

2. All test takers who pass the exam will get a certificate issued by Confucius Institute Headquarters (Han ban) which is the same with the paper test.

3. Test takers take the entire HSK internet Based Test just by using computer, without writing Chinese characters. It will suit those candidates who are familiar with using a keyboard to input pinyin and select the appropriate character.

4. Please make sure you take the following things with you when you take the HSK test online: (1) HSK Admission Card(2) Passport

5.15 days after the test, you can search http://www.chinesetest.cn to check your test results.

Please seize the chance. We wish you the best!

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